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The uprising of Saumachus against Mithridates VI in the Bosporan Kingdom.


Ptolemy X became King again, and again with his mother as co-regent.

§Roman Empire

As a result of the Marian reforms initiated in 107 B.C. by the Roman general Gaius Marius (157–86), the proletarii became the backbone of the Roman Army.

Gaius Marius, having enacted the Marian reforms of the Roman army, arrived in North Africa to lead the war against Jugurtha, with a young quaestor named Lucius Cornelius Sulla as a subordinate.

§Middle East

§Modern Israel

The Hasmoneans were the ruling dynasty of the Hasmonean Kingdom (140–37 BCE), an autonomous Jewish state in ancient Judah.

John Hyrcanus (Yohanan Girhan) (reigned 134 BCE - 104 BCE, died 104 BCE) was a Hasmonean (Maccabeean) leader of the 2nd century BC. Apparently the name "Hyrcanus" was taken by him as a regnal name upon his accession to power.


  • Servilia Caepionis, mistress of Julius Caesar


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