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§Of World Interest

May 22 - Transit of Venus



Shalu Monastery founded in Tibet


Seljuk Turks defeat the Ghaznavids at the Battle of Dandanaqan.


March War of Independence of Western Xia occurred.



June 17 - Harthacanute lands at Sandwich and reclaims the English Throne.


Henry's first military campaign as sole ruler took place then (1040). He turned to Bohemia, where Bretislaus was still a threat, especially through his Hungarian ally's raiding. At Stablo, after attending to the reform of some monasteries, Henry summoned his army. In July, he met with Eckhard at Goslar and joined together his whole force at Regensburg. On 13 August, he set out. He was ambushed and the expedition ended in disaster. Only by releasing many Bohemian hostages, including Bretislaus's son, did the Germans procure the release of many of their comrades and the establishment of a peace. Henry retreated hastily and with little fanfare, preferring to ignore his first great defeat. On his return to Germany, he appointed Suidger bishop of Bamberg, who would later be Pope Clement II.

This year, Peter of Hungary was overthrown by Samuel Aba and fled to Germany, where Henry received him well despite the enmity formerly between them. Bretislaus was thus deprived of an ally and Henry renewed preparations for a campaign in Bohemia.

August 15 - Henry and Eckard set out once more, almost exactly a year after his last expedition. This time he was victorious and Bretislaus signed a peace treaty at Regensburg.

§Fun German Fact

The oldest brewery still active is founded at Weihenstephan.


August 15 - King Duncan I led an army into Moray, where he was killed by his first cousin and rival, Macbeth at Pitgaveny near Elgin. The latter succeeds him as Scottish Monarch.

§Yucatan Peninsula

A period of drought lasting approximately 100 years in the Yucatan peninsula was evidenced in the Belize "Blue Hole" during this time.


  • Ralph de Buron, son of Michel de Bures


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