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The Azdâji conquest puts an end to the Kingdom of Nekor in Morocco.

§Eastern Asia

The last Goryeo-Khitan War ends.


Toi invasion: Jurchen pirates invade Kyūshū.

Japanese regent and statesman Fujiwara no Michinaga retires from public life, installing his son Yorimichi as regent. Michinaga will, however, continue to direct affairs of state from his retirement, and will remain the de facto ruler of Japan until his death in 1028.


§Czech Republic

Moravia becomes part of Bohemia.


Yaroslav the Wise becomes prince of Kievan Rus', succeeding Sviatopolk I.

§Middle East


In Jerusalem, pilgrim diaries describe corpses piling up on the roadside where they’d been attacked by bandits and left to be devoured by wild beasts. Around this time a group of mostly French knights, from the Champagne region, decided to set up a roadside rescue service, following a Cistercian lifestyle they became known as Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon or the Knights Templar for short.



Canute becomes king of Denmark as well as England (or 1018).


A treaty between Sweden and Norway is conducted at Kungälv.

§Yucatan Peninsula

A period of drought lasting approximately 100 years in the Yucatan peninsula was evidenced in the Belize "Blue Hole" during this time.


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